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Novos Releases - 22/ Mar /2024

This week is filled with good releases, and all of them with immeasurable quality, representing the 4 corners of the world, and practically all continents! See the highlights of our team and enjoy the good Drum and Bass!

New beats, new horizons and lots of new basslines for all tastes!

New Drum Bossa masterpiece: Fernando Ferreira releases "Algazarra" with Brazilian MPB influences and iconic Bossa Nova samples:

Renowned musician and producer Fernando Ferreira is ready to delight listeners once again with the release of his latest musical creation, "Algazarra". This Drum Bossa masterpiece delves deep into the roots of Brazilian music, combining MPB influences with soulful samples from a golden generation of Bossa Nova, including vocals from Gal Costa and other icons.

"Algazarra" is a captivating musical journey that combines the pulsating rhythms of Drum Bossa with the melodic and poetic richness of MPB. With his exceptional skill and dedication to preserving Brazil's musical legacy, Fernando Ferreira managed to create a work that is both innovative and reverent of the country's musical traditions.

This album not only recaptures the essence of Bossa Nova, but also reinvents it for contemporary listeners, through the masterful use of samples that capture the nostalgia and magic of the golden age of Brazilian music. Among the many highlights of "Algazarra" are Gal Costa's iconic vocals, which add an extra layer of authenticity and emotion to each track.

"Fernando Ferreira once again presents us with a truly remarkable work. 'Algazarra' is a celebration of Brazil's rich musical heritage, presented in a way that is both modern and timeless"

With "Algazarra", Fernando Ferreira not only solidifies his place as one of the leading artists in contemporary Brazilian music, but also demonstrates his passion for innovation and his dedication to preserving the musical traditions that have shaped his career.

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Prodigious Drum and Bass DJ and record producer Caeseum is back on DNBB Records to release his latest single, "Piece Of My Soul". With deep roots in Portugal, Caeseum once again proves his exceptional talent and his ability to transcend musical borders.

About Caeseum:

Caeseum, a rising name on the Drum and Bass scene, has won admirers around the world with its distinctive and energetic productions. With a unique blend of catchy melodies and pulsating beats, Caeseum continues to stand out as one of electronic music's most promising young talents.

"Piece Of My Soul": A Deep Look At Emotion:

Caeseum's new single "Piece Of My Soul" delves into the depths of emotion, offering an auditory experience that goes beyond conventional boundaries. As the title suggests, the song is a melodious and emotional journey that transcends the barriers of the soul and positive thinking. Caeseum demonstrates his masterful ability to create music that not only resonates in the ears, but also touches the heart.

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Highlighting Cloud Formation Innovation:

With "Your Love", Cloud Formation not only solidifies his position as a talented producer, but also introduces a unique and innovative approach to electronic music. The EP's tunes capture the essence of musical creativity, offering listeners a sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

4 Jungle Records is honored to present the latest electronic talent that is about to take the music scene by storm. Interface Bass, a visionary producer and master of powerful basslines, makes his stunning debut with the release of his explosive single: "Game On / Manifest."

This remarkable release marks Interface Bass' entry into the global music scene, bringing with it two earth-shattering songs that promise to rock the dance floor and win the hearts of Drum and Bass lovers around the world.

"Game On" and "Manifest" are more than just tracks; they are sound experiences that challenge the limits of Drum and Bass. With powerful basslines that reverberate through the senses, Interface Bass demonstrates its masterful ability to fuse the heavy and the light, creating a unique harmony that captivates from the first chord.

Mystific, one of the fastest growing Drum and Bass music producers in Brazil in recent years, is pleased to announce the release of his new track, “Kissed Sun”. This song, which talks about love and the Brazilian summer, is a true pearl that has been stored in Mystific's drawer since 2015.

“Kissed Sun” is a track that highlights Mystific’s undeniable talent for creating concise basslines and well-crafted beats. The song perfectly captures the essence of Brazilian summer, with its vibrant energy and infectious rhythm. It is a declaration of love for the hottest season of the year and the beauty of love itself.

Young electronic music prodigy Chase Perry is once again ready to capture hearts and minds with the release of his latest masterpiece, "Heartless." Combining authenticity, personality and a pulsating passion for music, Chase Perry cements his place as one of the rising stars of the UK Drum and Bass scene.

This time, Perry chose the renowned DNBB Records as the platform for the release of "Heartless". The record label, known for its dedication to sound quality and nurturing emerging talent, provides the ideal setting for Chase Perry's exceptional music to reach a global audience.

About "Heartless":

"Heartless" is more than a simple track, it is an immersive sound experience that captivates listeners from the first second. With expertly saturated basslines, tight beats and a catchy melody, the song is an authentic expression of Chase Perry's ability to create innovative electronic productions. His ability to fuse captivating and pulsating elements reveals an artist whose talent goes beyond expectations.



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