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\o/ FRESH RELEASES \o/ - Novos lançamentos da Semana - 15/mar/24

This week is filled with good releases, and all of them with immeasurable quality, representing the 4 corners of the world, and practically all continents! See the highlights of our team and enjoy the good Drum and Bass!

New beats, new horizons and lots of new basslines for all tastes!

Mystific - Memories

The Brazilian Drum and Bass producer, Mystific, is ready to captivate the hearts of listeners with the release of his latest single, 'Memories.' This release not only marks a new chapter in Mystific's career but also heralds the arrival of the much-anticipated DeepBeat label, dedicated to bringing Drum and Bass music with soul and love.


'Memories' is a unique composition that immerses listeners in a sonic journey filled with melody, charisma, and positive vibes. As a true tribute to summer, the track is an engaging auditory experience, perfect for all Liquid Drum and Bass enthusiasts.

Distinguishing itself with a masterful blend of captivating vocals, enticing synths, and skillfully arranged pianos, Mystific once again showcases his exceptional ability to create exciting sonic landscapes. 'Memories' is not just a musical piece; it's an emotional narrative that transcends genre boundaries.

The release of 'Memories' is also notable as the first release under the DeepBeat label. This new project is dedicated to providing an authentic musical experience, bringing a unique and inspiring approach to the Drum and Bass scene.


About DeepBeat, the founder expresses: 'Our goal is to create a space for Drum and Bass music that goes beyond pulsating beats, incorporating soul and love into each track. 'Memories' by Mystific is the perfect starting point for this journey, and we are excited to share this sonic experience with the world.'


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Focal Hazard and Melissa Dionne Enchant the Drum and Bass Scene with "You Were Mine" at DNBB.


It is with great excitement that we announce the long-awaited launch and debut of Focal Hazard on DNBB, alongside the talented Melissa Dionne. Together, they present the breathtaking single "You Were Mine" - a liquid Drum and Bass masterpiece that promises to delight electronic music lovers.


A Dazzling Liquid Drum and Bass "You Were Mine" captivates from the first second with its beautiful and concise vocals, creating a unique and emotional atmosphere. Subtle basslines complement the listening experience, providing an immersive sonic journey that transcends genre boundaries.


Extraordinary Pianos and Melody:

The collaboration between Focal Hazard and Melissa Dionne couldn't be more harmonious. Melodious pianos elevate the track to new heights, adding layers of complexity and beauty to the composition. Each musical element is expertly interwoven, resulting in a symphony that captivates and excites.


The Duo that Came to Shake:Focal Hazard and Melissa Dionne clearly demonstrate that they came to leave their mark on the Drum and Bass scene. With "You Were Mine", they not only deliver exceptional musical production, but also establish their place as an up-and-coming duo ready to capture the hearts and minds of fans.

Cloud Formation - Your Love EP

Highlighting Cloud Formation Innovation:


With "Your Love", Cloud Formation not only solidifies his position as a talented producer, but also introduces a unique and innovative approach to electronic music. The EP's tunes capture the essence of musical creativity, offering listeners a sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries.


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Interface Bas - Game On/ Manifest

4 Jungle Records is honored to present the latest electronic talent that is about to take the music scene by storm. Interface Bass, a visionary producer and master of powerful basslines, makes his stunning debut with the release of his explosive single: "Game On / Manifest."


This remarkable release marks Interface Bass' entry into the global music scene, bringing with it two earth-shattering songs that promise to rock the dance floor and win the hearts of Drum and Bass lovers around the world.


"Game On" and "Manifest" are more than just tracks; they are sound experiences that challenge the limits of Drum and Bass. With powerful basslines that reverberate through the senses, Interface Bass demonstrates its masterful ability to fuse the heavy and the light, creating a unique harmony that captivates from the first chord.


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Thug, SNDR - Deixa

Thug and SNDR reveal their latest collaborative work, the electrifying single titled "Deixa". This release marks not only the union of these two talented artists, but also their debut on the prestigious Ban Records.


"Deixa" appears as a unique fusion of styles, incorporating the best of Electro House with a pulsating and engaging beat, designed to conquer the ears of all dance music aficionados. The track features a unique sound, combining captivating elements that promise an unforgettable experience on the dance floor.


Thug, recognized for his unique ability to create vibrant and mesmerizing beats, teams up with SNDR, an equally talented producer who brings a fresh and innovative approach to the genre. Together, they deliver "Leave" as an authentic expression of their commitment to raising the standards of electronic music.

Ban Records, a record label renowned for its support of emerging artists and musical innovation, celebrates the addition of Thug and SNDR to its artistic family. The partnership promises a fruitful and exciting collaboration, elevating the Electro House scene even further.


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Grecker - Morning Stillness

Sunshine Recordings is pleased to announce the release and debut of talented producer Grecker, who is poised to reinvigorate the drum and bass scene with his latest creation, "Morning Stillness." This release promises to bring a unique atmosphere and an extraordinary ambiance, marking the return of the brilliance of drum and bass.


About Grecker:Grecker, an emerging name on the music scene, brings an innovative perspective to the drum and bass genre. With an exceptional ability to create immersive atmospheres, he combines captivating elements that transcend the limits of electronic music.


"Morning Stillness":The centerpiece of this release is the track "Morning Stillness", a sonic journey that incorporates warm pianos and sampled vocals with cohesion and mastery. This exceptional production transports listeners into a unique experience, ideal to be enjoyed on a warm morning or a relaxing evening.


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