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The story behind DNBB Records…

DNBB Records, formerly called "Drum and Bass Brasil Recordings, started his trajectory in the phonographic world at 2012 through the rise of digitalization of the music scene. 

DNBB is the biggest brazilian label created to bring high quality Drum & Bass to the forefront of the music scene. The labels inside group features a number of talented artists and a diverse sound, with songs from many different styles of the Drum & Bass genre. Whether it’s, Liquid, Jazzy, or Atmospheric, DNBB is committed to releasing Drum & Bass tunes for for the world to hear!

Over time, over the years, DNBB Recordings acquired and purchased other smaller labels until forming what we currently have as a group dedicated to identifying and advancing the artistic careers of independent artists.

We are the largest group of record companies in the world of electronic music in the Americas, and in 2024 we are expanding our expertise and know-how to the world of Brazilian music and the national market.“ Says Aaron Mello, Trade Lead of group.

Our mission is to promote musical diversity and artistic innovation by supporting and empowering independent artists to reach their full potential. 
As a collective of independent record labels, we are committed to providing an inclusive and collaborative platform where emerging talent can develop their careers and reach a global audience. 

We value authenticity, creativity and passion for music, continually seeking to elevate the quality and influence of independent music on the world stage.

Know more about our label and our artists by browsing our website and links.

Sit back and relax!


Label Manager:
Aaron Mello


Dave Strain

Creative Records:

Vera Medina

A&R & DJs:
Marnel Sales

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Meet the Team

With over 15 years of experience in the music industry, our team is made up of professionals who are passionate about music. Each member brings a unique combination of technical expertise and a deep love for the art, ensuring quality and innovation in every project we undertake. Our commitment is to always deliver the best for our artists and partners, cultivating a trajectory of unparalleled success and dedication in the music industry.

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