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In addition to the record label, DNBB also has a specialist and professional music mastering for sector of the Drum and Bass scene. With more than thousands of masterings over the course of 3 years in this area, DNBB decided to open its mastering service to the independent artists and public.

DNBB's mastering services have already been hired by renowned artists within the Drum and Bass scene such as: Lurch, Abstr4ct, Henry, Joshua, Conrad Subs, L-Side, Simplification, Alexvnder, Colossus, Mayforms, Nostre among many others. 

"We are happy to be able to help the world digital music scene and look forward to working together."

Aaron Mello (C&O DNBB Records)

Image by Hannah Troupe

* How much does the mastering service cost?
15 USD per track mastered!

* How long do I receive my Master?
Within 3 working days.

* How can I pay?
We accept paypal. We will send the paypal account by email.

* Where do I send my track and how do I send my track?
Tracks must be sent in 44100, 24 bit, -6 peak volume on the master channel. No effects should be used on the master channel when sending pre-masters.


Email for sending tracks: 

*** For brazilian artists, please let us know by email for other way to pay!

*** Para artistas brasileiros, entrar em contato via email para negociar!

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