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Founded with passion and vision, the Drum and Bass label, under the skillful management of Mystific (UKF), stands as a beacon of soul and sophistication in the Bass Music scene. Born from a love for pulsating beats, the label brings a unique fusion of sonic elements, redefining the boundaries of Liquid Drum and Bass.

Mystific, a renowned artist and tireless visionary, not only steers the label but also injects his own musical brilliance, solidifying an immersive and cutting-edge atmosphere. Under his guidance, the label has become a hub of sonic discoveries, providing an unparalleled auditory experience.

Each release is meticulously curated, reflecting the diversity and innovation that are the essence of Bass Music. From captivating rhythms to emotive melodies, the label transcends barriers, captivating audiences globally.

At the heart of this musical narrative, the label is not just a platform but a vibrant community. Bringing together artists, producers, and Drum and Bass enthusiasts, it becomes a catalyst for the genre's evolution, leaving an indelible mark on the history of electronic music.

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