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Brunno Junglist


Born in São Paulo “Bruno Firmino da Silva” aka Brunno Junglist as a child moved to the city of Itapevi. Descendant of Northeasterners have as much influence from Brazilian “samba”, rock to soul, rock to rap and among others styles. His first contact with the Drum & Bass was in the mid-2000s forward where he heard the tune “Hide U” of Kosheen. In 2005 with 14 years old, Brunno starts to attend a matinee in late Sunday afternoon that had its contact with the DNB. The broken beats and strong bass of Pendulum, Future Prophecies and among others, great names of these age. Made instantly fall in love by exploring rhythm that was later to take his love for Drum & Bass. His biggest influences are dnb Calibre, DJ Zinc, DJ Die, Marky, Patife, Makoto, High Contrast. Brunno has a peculiar feeling to make remixes and great hits. Stay tuned about this guy! Brunno is one more artist for DNBB Family.




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