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Sunny Friday here in Brazil, and with this Friday, we are full of news and new information for everyone! Friday is packed with DJ releases DNS, NASZ, HADIEX, NOBRAZ, BEN VIRBANT and more! New beats, new horizons and lots of new basslines for all tastes!

Nasz has been a great Brazilian name that appears on practically all FM Radios in the world when it comes to Drum and Bass, with support from Dj Andy, Ray Keith, DJ SS and many others, this name is sure to be well heard from now on!


Nobraz returns to DNBB with a lovely and deep single. After about 8 years since your last release with us, Nobraz bring to all excellent beats, basslines strongers and amazing melody.


DJ DNS appears again on Liquid Flow for a new single with the best of Liquid Drum and Bass and ripped basslines. Full of energy and vocals, this track marks a new rumor in DNS's musical career, it doesn't qualify the versatility of an artist primarily more diffused in "heavy" Drum and Bass.


Hadiex finally debuts on DNBB Records and brings a new and beloved character in his single, our beloved Liquid Funk, with a lighter touch this time, Hadiex expands his bassline world and arrives lighter and more progressive beats. An incredible subbass and ambience in its magnetude, Hadiex delivers emotion and heart!

Follow Hadiex: INSTAGRAM


Ben Vibrant is back to Liquid Flow with his new single full of emotions and love for the summer and for the broken beats, as always, irreverent and very attractive, Ben Vibrant's basslines and beats leave any dance floor very excited! Check it out!

Follow Ben here: INSTAGRAM


HEFT returns to the good house DNBB to present his new single Electrolove/Can't Erase and wants to show how his career as a music producer has changed and improved with his influences and new techniques. This single demonstrates the deeper and more melodic side of HEFT. It's worth getting into this deep HEFT trip and relax...

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