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New Drum and Bass Tracks to Love 💥 10 - May - 2024

Releases - 10 - May - 2024

This week is filled with good releases, and all of them with immeasurable quality, representing the 4 corners of the world, and practically all continents! See the highlights of our team and enjoy the good Drum and Bass!

New beats, new horizons and lots of new basslines for all tastes!

DNBB Records is thrilled to announce the exciting release of the new track by Inigma and Phoebe Fyer, promising to raise the standards of the Liquid Drum and Bass scene. With an inspiring fusion of talent and heavyweight collaborations, this release is destined to make its mark on the 2024 music landscape.


Inigma and Phoebe Fyer, two emerging names who have already gained recognition for their ability to create immersive atmospheres and dynamic sounds, now join forces to present their latest creation to the electronic music community.


Featuring collaborations with renowned artists such as Visages, Etherwood, Degs, LSB, among others, this track promises to transport listeners on a breathtaking sonic journey. Beautiful pads and pianos set an emotive foundation, while incredible basslines intertwine with majestic vocals, resulting in a truly exhilarating listening experience.


"We're thrilled to be part of the DNBB Records family and to share our music with the world," comment Inigma and Phoebe Fyer. "This track is the result of a lot of passion and creative collaboration. We hope it resonates with Liquid Drum and Bass fans and transports them to a state of pure euphoria."


Inigma and Phoebe Fyer's release on DNBB Records is a standout addition to the label's catalog, underscoring its ongoing commitment to promoting emerging talents and producing high-quality music.


Don't miss the opportunity to dive into this electrifying track that is sure to make its mark on the 2024 music scene. Stay tuned for more information on the official release and where to find it for streaming and download.


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Two titans of the music scene come together to transcend the boundaries of Drum and Bass with the release of their latest track, "New Earth." Fishy, a renowned producer with a track record of acclaimed releases on labels such as DNBB, Fokuz, and Liquicity, joins forces with the visionary vocalist, poet, producer, and world bender, Professor Funk, to create a unique and immersive sonic experience.

Combining Fishy's captivating melodies with Professor Funk's evocative vocals, "New Earth" transports listeners on a journey through exciting soundscapes and lush textures. This track exemplifies the excellence of Liquid Drum and Bass, with fluid beats and engaging atmospheres that capture the essence of the genre.

Professor Funk, whose art is a fusion of poetry, music production, and exploration of new creative horizons, brings a unique lyrical depth to "New Earth." His lyrics transcend the norm, building bridges between realities and inviting listeners to embark on an introspective journey.

Fishy, known for his exceptional production skills and ability to create emotive soundscapes, further elevates "New Earth" with his immersive melodies, emotive pianos, and pulsating beats. His collaboration with Professor Funk results in a seamless fusion of talent and creativity, offering an auditory experience that is both stimulating and emotive.

"New Earth" is poised to become a landmark in the Drum and Bass scene, solidifying Fishy and Professor Funk as innovators at the forefront of the genre. This collaboration promises to captivate listeners and leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

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DJ Linky is poised to elevate the world of Drum and Bass to new heights with the release of his latest single, "Deeper". This release marks a fresh perspective from the renowned artist on the genre, delving into previously uncharted sonic territories.

"Deeper" is a unique sonic journey, filled with deep basslines, beautiful pads, and astral pianos that create an immersive ambiance. The single transcends the boundaries of conventional Drum and Bass, presenting a more suggestive and heavier approach while retaining the beauty and atmosphere characteristic of Liquid Drum and Bass.

"This single is a genuine expression of my evolution as an artist and my quest to explore new horizons within the genre," shares DJ Linky. "With 'Deeper', I wanted to challenge expectations, showing that Drum and Bass can be powerful and emotive simultaneously."

"Deeper" stands out for its fusion of powerful synths and basslines, complemented by wonderful and immersive vocals that captivate listeners from the first chord. Each element of the track is carefully crafted to create a sonic experience that resonates deeply with the audience.

This release is a definitive proof that Drum and Bass is constantly evolving, and that Liquid Drum and Bass can reach new heights of intensity and complexity without compromising its essence. "Deeper" promises to capture not only the devoted fans of the genre but also those who are ready to venture into uncharted musical territories.

Young Brazilian music producer Bago makes his debut on Liquid Flow Records with the single "Buried"

Liquid Flow Records is pleased to announce the debut of a rising talent on the international music scene, Bago. Rooted in the vibrant musical influences of Brazil and immersed in the London music scene, Bago brings a fresh and innovative perspective to the genre with his highly anticipated single, "Buried."

With well-orchestrated and incredibly crafted vocals, combined with subtle basslines and melodies, "Buried" marks Bago's triumphant entry into the music scene. Combining elements of Liquid Vocal and cutting-edge production skills, Bago elevates the genre to new heights, captivating listeners with his unique artistic expression.

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The Brazilian electronic music scene is about to witness a sonic whirlwind with the release of Nasz's latest Drum and Bass track, "Crossroads." With saturated basslines and massive reeces, this track promises not only to impress but also to revolutionize the national Drum and Bass landscape.

With impeccable harmony between its elements, "Crossroads" stands out for its meticulous production and pulsating energy. From the first beats, listeners will be captivated by a unique sonic experience where vigorous beats meet an immersive harmony, creating an atmosphere that is both powerful and captivating.

Nasz demonstrates exceptional ability in blending diverse sonic elements, resulting in a track that not only excites but also raises the standards of Brazilian Drum and Bass. With "Crossroads," Nasz positions themselves as one of the most promising talents in the national electronic scene, offering an innovative vision and palpable passion for music.

By releasing "Crossroads," Nasz not only presents a new song but also a promise of excellence and continuous creativity. It is evident that Nasz is ready to take their rightful place at the forefront of Brazilian Drum and Bass, poised to inspire and thrill audiences across the country and beyond.

Aaron Mello, the talented artist who has captivated hearts with his engaging music and profound lyrics, is ready to release his latest single, "Cosmic Connection." With a unique fusion of lyrical poetry and sweeping melody, this single promises to transport listeners on a cosmic journey of emotion and reflection.

"Cosmic Connection" is an exploration of the mysteries of the universe and love. Through skillfully woven lyrics, Aaron Mello takes us on a journey through outer space, where we find ourselves floating among the stars, enveloped by the infinite beauty of the cosmos.



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