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Releases - April

This week is filled with good releases, and all of them with immeasurable quality, representing the 4 corners of the world, and practically all continents! See the highlights of our team and enjoy the good Drum and Bass!

New beats, new horizons and lots of new basslines for all tastes!

Bad 4 Life is back with a bang, bringing along their latest release titled "Things You Do". This new single is a homage to Liquid Drum and Bass nostalgia, combining concise basslines, accelerated beats, and skillfully placed vocals to create a sonic masterpiece that is sure to captivate electronic music fans worldwide.

With "Things You Do", Bad 4 Life demonstrates their unparalleled ability to merge classic elements with a contemporary approach, resulting in a track that is both familiar and innovative. Listeners will be taken on an exciting sonic journey as pulsating beats and enveloping melodies lead them through a rollercoaster of emotions.

This single not only marks a triumphant return for Bad 4 Life but also signifies a milestone in the evolution of the Liquid Drum and Bass genre. With its flawless production and captivating composition, "Things You Do" promises to solidify Bad 4 Life's place as one of the leading talents in the electronic music scene.

Deep Beat Records is pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated single 'Valkyrie', a unique collaboration that promises to rock the dance floor and leave a lasting mark on the music scene. The talented Eliotskii and Sereni7 have come together to create an immersive listening experience, incorporating elements of Indian culture and taking electronic music to a new level.

Originality, Sophistication and Impeccable Syntheses:

'Valkyrie' stands out for the originality of its musical approach. With more orchestral vocals and ambience, the artists delved into the richness of Indian culture, offering a unique fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. Exceptionally well-executed synths add layers of depth, delivering a captivating sonic journey.

Powerful Beats and Captivating Basslines:

The fast-paced beats, with strategically placed shakers and hihats, create a feeling of uninterrupted energy, making 'Valkyrie' an irresistible choice for the most demanding dance floors. The basslines, inspired by nuances of Rollers and Liquid Drum and Bass, provide an immersive listening experience, maintaining harmony and originality in each note.

The talented electronic artist originally from Geneva. With their new single, SPEEN makes a striking and electrifying debut, captivating listeners with the engaging tracks "Lost World" and "Long Time".

Lost World (Side A): A sonic journey that transports listeners to a lost world, where pulsating rhythms and carefully constructed arrangements create an immersive atmosphere. SPEEN demonstrates mastery in its ability to create a musical experience that transcends the limits of conventionality.

Long Time (Side B): A track that not only maintains, but intensifies the energy of the dance floor. "Long Time" is an irresistible invitation for electronic music lovers, with pulsating beats and a fusion of sound elements that keep the audience captivated from start to finish.

SPEEN, known for its unique and innovative approach to electronic music, reaches new heights with this release. His ability to create vibrant, lively music is evident in every beat and melody, revealing an artist who is truly connected to his art.

"I'm extremely excited about the release of this single on DNBB Records. It's an incredible opportunity to share my music with a global audience and contribute to the vibrant electronic music scene," expresses SPEEN.

Liquid Flow Records is thrilled to announce the release of the new single "Looking Your Eyes" by DJ Nayr and Blue9. This unique collaboration brings a seamless fusion of captivating melodies, immersive harmonies, and intoxicating beats that promise to take listeners on an unprecedented sonic journey.

"Looking Your Eyes" is a testament to DJ Nayr and Blue9's unparalleled ability to create an immersive atmosphere through electronic music. Combining irresistible grooves and pulsating basslines, this single vows to capture the hearts of electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.

This release marks a significant moment for DJ Nayr and Blue9, two rising talents in the electronic music scene. With their passion for creating music that deeply resonates with listeners, they are poised to make waves with "Looking Your Eyes."

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Aimless Dreamer Makes Debut on Liquid Flow Records with Hypnotic Track "Shuriken"

Liquid Flow Records is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Aimless Dreamer's new single, "Shuriken". Combining Eastern elements and Drum and Bass beats, this track marks a new era of sonic innovation and infectious energy.

"Shuriken" is a sonic journey that transports listeners to a world where Eastern sounds meld with pulsating Western rhythms. Aimless Dreamer skillfully incorporates Eastern references and instruments, creating an immersive atmosphere enhanced by stunning effects and intoxicating basslines.

This track pays homage to the golden years when Drum and Bass tunes were extended experiences, allowing the dance floor to fully immerse in the music. With a duration surpassing five minutes, "Shuriken" challenges current conventions and offers a complete immersion into its rich sonic tapestry.

"I am thrilled to release 'Shuriken' through Liquid Flow Records," shares Aimless Dreamer. "This track represents a fusion of cultural and sonic influences that I hope will resonate with listeners worldwide. I aim to take people on a journey through music, and 'Shuriken' is the perfect vehicle for that adventure."

With their debut on Liquid Flow Records, Aimless Dreamer solidifies their position as one of the most innovative and exciting artists in the current Drum and Bass scene. "Shuriken" promises to captivate electronic music lovers, transporting them to a unique and memorable sonic experience.

Atmospherika Makes Thrilling Debut on Liquid Flow Records with "Shinjuku"

Liquid Flow Records is honored to present the debut of talented producer Atmospherika with his latest track, "Shinjuku." An engaging melody that combines beautiful plucks, vibrant basslines, and stirring pianos to create a unique and captivating atmosphere.

"Shinjuku" is a sonic journey that blends fast-paced beats and saturated basslines with precision, resulting in a musical composition that is sure to make the audience groove. The special touch of this track lies in the relevance of Japanese instruments, adding an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the music.

Atmospherika showcases exceptional production skills in this release, capturing not only the essence of modern electronic music but also incorporating traditional Japanese elements in a completely fresh and captivating way.



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