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Releases - 29/ Mar /2024

This week is filled with good releases, and all of them with immeasurable quality, representing the 4 corners of the world, and practically all continents! See the highlights of our team and enjoy the good Drum and Bass!

New beats, new horizons and lots of new basslines for all tastes!

Eliotskii is no stranger to the Drum and Bass scene, and his latest offering, "Time Warp", is a true ode to his unique ability to create captivating musical experiences. With a fusion of robust basslines and immersive synths, the track transcends genre boundaries, delivering a sonic journey that will captivate listeners from the first bar.


Notable Features:

Powerful Basslines: Eliotskii once again demonstrates his mastery in creating basslines that not only pulse but also dominate the dance floor atmosphere.Emotional Synths: The track's soulful, melodic elements add an extra layer of depth, taking listeners into a unique sonic experience.

Infectious Rollerz Beats: The energetic beat and infectious Rollerz beats ensure that "Time Warp" is a perfect soundtrack for nights full of rhythm and euphoria.Eliotskii's Return to DNBB Records: A Successful Partnership


The partnership between Eliotskii and DNBB Records has been a successful journey, and "Time Warp" is the latest evidence of this fruitful collaboration. The label is thrilled to welcome back such an exceptional talent, and this new track promises to be an exciting milestone in their history together.


The producer duo Keylo and Bloque are ready to uplift electronic music enthusiasts with their latest release, “Shimmer”. This captivating track combines elements of Liquid Drum and Bass with a generous dose of creativity and passion.


“Shimmer” is a sonic journey that transcends genre boundaries. Here are the highlights of this exhilarating track:


Keylo’s Incredible Vocals: Keylo’s captivating voice adds depth and emotion to the music. His verses flow smoothly, while the choruses resonate with listeners’ hearts.

Bloque’s Fat and Saturated Basslines: Bloque, the master of bass, delivers powerful lines that reverberate in the ears and chest. Get ready to feel the vibration!

Hypnotic Beats and Pianos: The pulsating beats and ethereal pianos create a mesmerizing atmosphere. “Shimmer” is a complete sensory experience.


Amorius and Sansi Slava Join Forces to Release Powerful Track 'U Walked Away'


An International Collaboration that Transcends Borders...


Renowned Ukrainian music producers Amorius and Sansi Slava are ready to conquer the global music scene with their latest release, the captivating track 'U Walked Away'. Both artists, who currently reside in forums in their home country, have combined their creative skills to create a sonic masterpiece that promises to move listeners.


'U Walked Away': A Story of Resilience and Passion


The track 'U Walked Away' is an immersive narrative, written and performed by Sansi Slava. The melody, beats and bass lines are majestic and very cohesive, providing a unique sound experience. Sansi Slava's voice conveys emotion and depth, while Amorius' production adds layers of texture and energy to the song.

Amorius and Sansi Slava share a special connection with music, and this collaboration transcends geographical boundaries. Both artists left their homeland in search of new perspectives and opportunities in the world of music. Their journey is reflected in the very essence of 'U Walked Away', which talks about overcoming, love and resilience.


4 Jungle Records is thrilled to announce the triumphant arrival of talented producer Vandek with his debut EP titled "Move Your Body". This release marks a new era of innovative beats and captivating melodies, representing the perfect intersection of powerful bass, accelerated beats, and a robust sonic identity.


"Move Your Body" is a collection of two hypnotic tracks that promise to captivate electronic music enthusiasts worldwide. Vandek showcases his exceptional ability to create a pulsating and energetic atmosphere specifically designed to ignite dance floors.


With impressive mastery over his production, Vandek delivers an EP that not only invites listeners to move but also transports them into a sonic universe where the vibe is contagious and the energy is undeniable. Each beat is carefully crafted to resonate in the hearts of listeners, while the captivating melodies ensnare them in a frenzy of musical ecstasy.


Speaking about the release, Vandek shared, "I'm extremely excited to make my debut on 4 Jungle Records with 'Move Your Body'. This EP is an authentic expression of what I envision for the dance floor - a fusion of powerful elements that make people move and feel the music in its purest essence."

Mystific, one of the fastest growing Drum and Bass music producers in Brazil in recent years, is pleased to announce the release of his new track, “Kissed Sun”. This song, which talks about love and the Brazilian summer, is a true pearl that has been stored in Mystific's drawer since 2015.

“Kissed Sun” is a track that highlights Mystific’s undeniable talent for creating concise basslines and well-crafted beats. The song perfectly captures the essence of Brazilian summer, with its vibrant energy and infectious rhythm. It is a declaration of love for the hottest season of the year and the beauty of love itself.

Young electronic music prodigy Chase Perry is once again ready to capture hearts and minds with the release of his latest masterpiece, "Heartless." Combining authenticity, personality and a pulsating passion for music, Chase Perry cements his place as one of the rising stars of the UK Drum and Bass scene.

This time, Perry chose the renowned DNBB Records as the platform for the release of "Heartless". The record label, known for its dedication to sound quality and nurturing emerging talent, provides the ideal setting for Chase Perry's exceptional music to reach a global audience.

About "Heartless":

"Heartless" is more than a simple track, it is an immersive sound experience that captivates listeners from the first second. With expertly saturated basslines, tight beats and a catchy melody, the song is an authentic expression of Chase Perry's ability to create innovative electronic productions. His ability to fuse captivating and pulsating elements reveals an artist whose talent goes beyond expectations.



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