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16 years of Beatport

Dance-focused digital service Beatport has published an infographic to celebrate its 16 years in operation, and it includes some new figures from the company’s business. The biggie is that Beatport claims to have paid out $300m to independent dance labels over those first 16 years, adding that “these payouts have risen for the last three years”. It also notes that the total downloads from Beatport have now reached 259m, up fro 200m in 2017.

Beatport also says it sold music from more than 74,000 independent labels in 2019, having added more than 8,000 new labels to its catalogue that year.

The company is also keen to shout about its Beatport Link streaming platform, which has more than 9m tracks available. Late in 2019 it launched a feature called ‘Link Playlists’, with 420k unique playlists available for DJs to browse.

Beatport is moving into 2020 stronger than ever. The global DJ community is going to see innovative tools and services coming from Beatport in 2020 as we continue to evolve our company,” said CEO Robb McDaniels.

See below the infographic about this long life of #beatport

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