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Iván Vazquez better known as Miv, is part of the youth promise Drum and bass Mexican. Has a record of over a dozen offers in the last 3 years dedicated exclusively to the production and over 9 as a promoter and dj in the local scenery.


Miv's style ranges around soulful Drum & Bass, and atmosferics breakbeats, taking it way over the limits which promotes the local music and moves such sounds.


The producers have seen the light in labels such as Celsius, Influenza Media, DNBB Records, Anticlockwise, Liquid Flavors Recordings, Shidzen Music and Luv Disaster. Her music has been glorified with positive comments in midia such as Urbanbits to México and DJ Mag in Spain. So, we must open our ears to be ready to hear Miv.





The newcomer from Mexico, he will surprise you, you will surely take your breath with your "liquid" very atmospheric and calm!

Dj Metid DNB
"Amazing tunes both! Great soundz by the Mexican. Feelin the vibes 100%. Big ups"


Unreal Project
"Great Vibez !"


"Nice tunes!"


Dj Orion
"In the Distance is brilliant!"


Random Movement
"nice work :)"

Released April 26, 2019 on DNBB Digital

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