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Dj Marnel is one of the main names in the drum & bass scene in Brazil. With an undeniable technique, an irreverent and dancing style added to his feeling, the main differential he manages to command the dance floor and stir the audience with his charisma, always working with a pleasant, yet dancing and engaging repertoire. His career began in mid-1993 in small parties, where he acquired experience in electronic music so that he could have his own party at The Bass, which is now known throughout the country. Marnel has a history full of great parties and attitudes that refer to the old days of the homesick clubs Toco, Over Night and Broadway, thus recalling the beginning of drum & bass history in the country.


Dj Marnel raises the FLAG of electronic music production, having tracks released by several labels - national and international, released his first CD mixed in 2005 100% national by the label URBR, thus helping to promote the work of new drum & bass producers, joining new names to already established names. Recent Marnel played in South American countries, Paraguay, Chile, Argentina, where he is currently resident of the FondoFunk/Asuncion-Paraguay party and resident at The Sailor Pub, where he presents his eclectic musical side playing, Funk70, Rock and house.


In 2011 he recorded the series LUV TUNES for Luv Disaster Records. The DJ is always playing at major events alongside the biggest names in the world's electronic scene Marcus Intalex (Soul:r-UK), Bryan Gee (V rec-UK), Bad Company (BC Rec-UK), Hazard (UK), Dj Loxy (UK), Goldie (Metalheadz-UK), Hype (Playaz- UK), Ed Rush (Virus-UK), Dj SS (Formation rec-UK), Doc Scott (31 Rec), WalKingStik (USA), Silver (UK), Cleveland Watkiss (UK), Stamina Mc (UK), DJ Ink (UK), Chris Intaface (Kiss-100FM (UK), Mc Fats (UK), Dj Fabio (UK), Dj Craze (USA), Dj Aki (Japan), Dj Yuki (Japan), Dillinja (UK), Dj Strife (Usa), Dj Die (UK), Jason Magin (USA), Dj Marky, Dj Patife, XRS, Drumagick among many of the national scene. He has played in events such as: Vibrations, Liquid Tensons (Paraguay), +160 (Argentina), Soul Beats (Chile), HerbalSession (Val Paraiso_Chile), Rewind (Chile), Skol Beats, BMF, Parada da Paz, MegAvonts, Goiânia Music Festival, EMF (DF), Love Parade (DF), Tech-Tronik (DF), Porão do Rock (DF), E-Force (Playcenter), Mercado Mundo Mix (SP/BH), Movement Tour Brazil, Aniversarios Lov. and Club.


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