Untold Stories by Humanature, Scott Allen, Critical Event and Low:r already out!

The label Atmomatix has been undergoing a lot of changes for some time, resulting in gold releases and great feedback in Drum and Bass scene.

We listened to the latest release that has been available in all stores since 19 / February and we were impressed by the quality of the 3 songs involved in this EP with highlight track: "Alone" by Scott Allen (Owner of Soul Deep Recordings). Scott's track really puts a lot of credibility on what the label is proposing for the upcoming releases. We are really happy to see that the "Critical Event" label a longtime #DNBB Records great friend is doing a great job. Do not stand still and run to get your copy of the new EP: "Untold Stories"

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See below the review made by #Atmomatix team for #Beatport Profile:

Two of our backroom staff at Atmomatix come together to deliver a pulsating slice of funk. Continuously evolving, 'Untold Stories' centres on rich synths and warm sub notes to create an undeniable groove.

Listen below the track od Scott on EP: (Video)

Scott Allen: Alone

Atmomatix Records

Mr. Soul Deep graces Atmomatix #Records with an instant classic. Scott Allen swerves into somewhat moodier territory than usual with 'Alone', a nostalgic, hands-up slice of liquid built for the dancefloor. Haunting vocals and a thick bassline will ensure heavy rotation.

'Escape' builds swiftly from the outset. Rising strings interspersed with key flicks and bongo hits are driven along by a bold bassline. Otherwordly atmospherics marry with Eastern intrumentation to paint a distant, yet vibrant, picture.

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