Spotify has been trying to get into the video game for quite some time now. It has been one of the few things the streaming company has failed at, but they are now trying another variation of visuals on the service with a new feature Spotlight.

The new feature introduced visuals that will compliment existing pieces of audio like podcasts, albums / songs, playlists, books, publishers and more. It will offer photos, video and text that users will move through each episode.

The launch of Spotlight is going to feature stuff from Gimlet Media, Crooked Media, Cheddar, BuzzFeed News and others, and will also include original series created by Spotify itself, like RISE, Secret Genius and its Spotify Singles session series with various artists.

Spotify’s experiments with podcasts are interesting, but uptake and adoption will be the true test. Here’s hoping they can make a real go of it, because the podcast format could do with some innovative new twists to help it reach a broader audience.

As Spotify gets ready for its direct listing IPO sometime in the next few months, it will need to build out more features to attract more customers and eventually become profitable. If this intermediate step into video works, it would be a good sign for the streaming giant.

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