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One of the most beautiful Ep of this year already available in all digital sotres.

This ep composed by 4 tracks from Henry and Fullalove, The melody and feeling that surrounds this EP is extremely incredible.

Fullalove and Henry deliver one of the best soulfuls EPs of the year to Drum and Bass lovers.

Put on your headphones, sit back and relax!

Here is some feedbacks from excellent artists about this ep:

Peyo: Very Nice EP!!!

Innaself: Wow, love it! Can't pick a favourite!

Digga: A truly stellar release. I don't have a favorite. I only picked the original Drifting Away because I"m familiar with it. It's been a favorite for a good long time. Kenny Ken: Good Release! DJ Orion: Wonderful works here. Nostre: Oh boy. This. Big love <3 Your sounds combined creates a scenery of beautiful things. DNB Data Transmission: Absolutely stunning!! Random Movement: Nice Work! Drumagick: Good stuff, will give it our support. Thanks for sending. Mystific: Such a beautiful EP, love it all 4 tracks! Dj Marnel: Sweet ideas, good beats, beautiful connection. I really like this EP. Stunna: Solid EP The Man From Del Monte: Henry and Fullalove - love em! Of course I will be supporting this!! LAOS: Such Beaty! Kee it up! DJ Blade: All 4 tunes sounding great! David Boomah: Nice Remix EP!

Click here for stream the whole EP!