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New interview with vocalist Lady EMZ from Barcelona! \o/

We spoke with one of the most consecrated voices on the Drum and Bass scene in Spain. We discovered some secret things and had a great review about what Lady EMZ lives and believes. Check below:

DNBB Crew: - What do you expect people feel when they listening your songs?

Lady EMZ: I don’t really expect anything… But I do hope they can pick up on the emotion and passion I feel inside when interacting with music. I’m well aware I can’t tickle everyone’s heart! But if there’s a single soul out there who feels connected to what I do, it’s already worth the while. I love singing so very much… If anyone out there can see this love, I’m highly grateful.

DNBB Crew: – What is your inspiration to compose the songs?

Lady EMZ: My inspiration comes from many directions… I listen to a wide variety of musical genres, I also love reading, watching films and Art in general, all of these things are a big source of inspiration for me, though sometimes people’s thoughts and words can give me ideas too… One big inspiration as well, are my loved ones and family, their kind support really keeps me going.

DNBB Crew: You've been on the road for a long time! What did all those years of experience bring you to the Drum and Bass scene? And if possible tell us some situation made you "grow" professionally.

Lady EMZ: Yeah, I’ve been around for a while now! Lool… I’m not so sure what I have brought to the #DnB scene myself… but to me, it’s been a rich experience all along! I originally come from other genres like Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul… even World music. I’ve found with DnB you can have all of those and more!! I Really dig its depth and passion, and I love the crowd who like DnB, we all seem to have a kind of “healthy madness” which make me feel at home. Plus, I’m so all-about-the-bass… A good bassline is like a good meal, so satisfying!

I can’t think of a particular situation that made me grow the most… I guess I feel I’m growing every time I’m on stage or preparing a new tune… It’s a constant growing-path!! I do remember many years ago though, in London, the very first time ever I listened to my voice through a proper mic in a proper studio (‘Fleetwood Mac’ had recorded there!), it was a big step of confidence, I’ll never forget the experience!

DNBB Crew: Tell us one of the works that did that brought you more joy and desire to continue?

Lady EMZ: That’s a tough one… as I had so many joys with Music! Mainly, playing live on some big stages was certainly a good excuse to find the energy and enthusiasm to go on, but I must say, my present work along with Furney, has got to be one of the most fulfilling music experiences ever… So much talent <3 Big time magic inspirations! Truly grateful.

DNBB Crew: We have seen that you have worked with some Brazilian artists, our house, how is the experience of working with these producers that has a different style, more swinging and broken?

Lady EMZ: I have a special attachment to Brazil and its people… So many close Brazuca friends! <3 I love the sweet passion of the culture, and musically, it’s one of the richest in the whole of America!! I’ve been honoured and truly inspired with each and every Brazilian producer I’ve worked with, I guess my “Latin side” connects well with your sounds and melodies. I have even played with some Brazilian musicians here in Barcelona.

DNBB Crew: Tell us a bit more about your upcoming tours in 2018.

Lady EMZ: I believe this year is going to be an exciting one! I can’t confirm anything else quite yet… But a good start is performing next to #Furney, on Saturday 17th February in Moscow (Russia) at ‘Kontora Club’. I’m really looking forward to it!!

DNBB Crew: Your voice is unique in the Drum and Bass scene. Any comments you've heard about it!? And tell us a bit what it's like to be so different among other more "standard" singers in the scene.

Lady EMZ: I don’t know what to say about this… I like to believe each one of us has a personal touch that contributes to the whole scene, we’re all a bit unique in our own particular ways… But I’ve been told a few times my voice has a different sound; I guess some of the vocalists may come from different music backgrounds, I personally started with bands playing quite traditional music, and I enjoy adding these influences to #DnB or any other electronic style I collaborate in, for that matter.

DNBB Crew: Can you tell us about future work with Drum and Bass producers?

Lady EMZ: As I mentioned before, I’ve been working very closely and regularly with #Furney, I’ve also been doing things with #Kurrupdata, Avalon Rays,# Twintone and #Motiv. I’m also on the making of a jazzy album on the side… can’t reveal more for now, but it’s getting there. I’m really enjoying these times! I’ve moved out of the city for the first time in many years, I’m relaxed and in love, and I’m spoilt with tracks like gems… Truly Thankful!!!