Liquidism Vol. 03

\o/ We are very happy with our development within the Drum and Bass scene, we have been subject in many posts, places, gigs, websites, magazines and we are always looking for the best way to introduce new artists, which was always the DNBB's intention.

@Junodownload, one of the most important online stores in the segment, always surprises us.

This time with an incredible review about our next compilation "Liquidism Vol. 03" composed by new artists and some already consecrated.

Check out Juno's review:

"DNBB aren't messing around: since relaunching earlier this year, they've peppered our collections with a rich range of emotion-laced workouts from some of the most promising names of the new generation of artists. Their third Liquidism collection in as many months, this is their largest outing to date and it packs the whole soul spectrum. Highlights range from the slippery jazz funk blasts of Peyo's "Routine" to distant dreamy haze and precision breaks of Skydata's "Fortitude" via the more classical piano laced space liquid f Twintone's "Something About You" and the early Spectrasoul style introspection of Profilix & Nuvaman's "Between The Lines". Vibesism."The next episode of Liquidism already is real, but we are making the best for release soon with more stronger beats and lovely music.Stay tuned.Buy here the compilation!Follow our Soundcloud here!Like us on Facebook here.Listen the compilation here: