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Liquid Drops 6 years of much bass!

The record label LIQUID DROPS of myth producer and DJ a.k.a. "MSDOS" is completing 6 years of existence in the world scene of Drum And Bass.

We follow closely all the evolution and charisma that the label had during this period, marked by great releases, parties and much bass!

MSDOS, producer and DJ of the acclaimed "Good Looking Recs" became known within the DNB scene for his style influenced by styles like Jazz, Soul and also for being a long time the unique Greek that was between the great names of the Drum and Bass.

His story within the scene is long and comes from the 90s as a producer and remixer.

He has reworked the superhit of the 90's, ‘’Technova’’ by Towa Tei (producer of the legendary Deee-Lite ) which was launched in 1995 with remix from the Wink. He has also remixed classic tunes, like "Only You" by Nookie and one of the largest jungle hits from the ' 90s "The Razor's Edge" by Steve C & DJ Monita which will be released in anniversary edition of 20 years from its first launch. As regards the Greek cooperation, he has remixed tunes of Basement Freaks and Timewarp Inc.

Finally, as radio producer, starting in the late ' 80's, has passed between the brackets of the National Hellenic Radio of Aegean and the Kiss Fm Mytilene. In 2008 began one of the most popular podcasts with more than 400k d/ls within 4 years. By the end of the year he will participate in "Bukem In Sessions" night in Fabric.

Finally at 2018, his label was completed 6 years old and a BIG AND GOOD compilation already out today exclusive on Beatport with the best of label like: nCamargo, MSDOS, Greekboy, Jazzatron, Mystific, Furney, Crytical Dub, Dekoi and among others.

For buy and hear, click here!!!

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