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Everyone who loves the world of Drum and Bass knows or has heard about Kosheen.

Kosheen were a British electronic music group based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

The group originally consisted of Welsh singer-songwriter Sian Evans, songwriter-producer Markee Ledge (Mark Morrison) and Darren Decoder.

We had the honor and opportunity to talk to Sian Evan (former Kosheen vocalist) this week and we came to a conclusion: SHE IS INCREDIBLE!

Get to know a little of the group's career and the vocalist who is still active until today with many collaborations and with her current band.

Let's talk...

Aaron Mello: As we mentioned before, we followed his career since the mid-2000s, when his voice echoed here in Brazil for the first time with producers Darren Decoder and Markee Substance, with the track "Hide U". Tell us a little more about this first Hit.

Sian Evans: I remember well the day I wrote HideU. The loop that was to become the track was rolling in the studio, the stabs gave it a dramatic feel like a tango or a salsa. it was hypnotic. The Guys were fooling about in the kitchen , they were having a chilli eating competition!! They would tempt me with a chili saying its ok Sian its not too hot only for me to find it was scorching and i wouldnt be able to talk let alone Sing! We were like kids in a toy shop !

I began to sing into the mic just a simple strong idea. My son was small then and I wanted to protect him from the city where we had moved. I could see him changing from the innocent little boy who loved nature into a city kid. Hide you is about that maternal feeling of protection.

How was the process of developing the lyrics, the melody, the composition? Sorry for that more technical question. lol.

I tend to write from a human perspective. The technology within which I write needs that balance. As soon as I hear a voice in a track I am drawn in. It is like the soul connects to the human element. Phrasing is important to me. The spaces to allow the track the vocal and the listener a space to take a breath.

I dont know who said it but it has been said that God exists in the spaces in the silence. It is here the listener may interpret their own meaning to the song and in a way take ownership of the song.

This has happened with HideU so many people have told me what this song means to them in relationships of all kinds lovers friends family but it is the simplicity that makes it iconic.

Aaron Mello: Soon after this BOOOM, from the track “Hide U”. The album "Resist" reached the TOP 10 UK easily and stayed there for a long time! In 2002 we had the honor to welcome you and your group to Skol Beats, one of the biggest Electronic Music events on the planet. What has marked you most in this passage in Brazil and talk a little about the show? (which I still particularly see in my head).

Sian Evans: I also have this show very clearly in my memory. I named it 36 hours in Brazil!

We drove from the hotel to the race track where the festival was being held. We drove through villages of makeshift houses made of wood and steel, children without shoes chasing chickens laughing and waving at us. Music from every window. It was a contrast to the city of São Paulo with its skyscrapers and starbucks!

When we entered the arena we met with other artist and friends who were to perform with us. Goldie was sat on a bean bag so relaxed looking up at 2 birds circling above us…”Look Sian”he said “those birds must be in Love!” It seems the sunshine,the Brazilian hospitality and energy had got to him too!