DNBB Records is "BACK"!

About a year ago DNBB Recordings closed its doors, left behind an immense catalog with more than 300 albums, singles and EPs.

About 100 artists who had their songs represented inside the record company became orphans of the biggest label of Drum and Bass of Latin America.

In an interview with the staff of DNBB Recordings, it was mentioned that they were going through a very bad period, due to administrative problems and lack of investment in all areas that were part of the Label.

In 2017, already closed DNBB Recordings became affiliated with and bought by Creative Records - distributed by Believe Digital (company of big Sony Music) - , an Anglo-Brazilian label, which launches electronic music in general, with great successes and well-known artists in the middle of "Brazilian Bass", "Cinematic Music "and" Eletro Music ".

Creative's new venture is to select the catalog of the old DNBB and "re-launch" only what is really commercially good. To keep the living soul of DNBB. The logo was modified and now the DNBB has just been digital records, with the intention and focus on the stream.

Soon we will have more information that is confidential at the moment and that are 7 keys at the headquarters in Sao Paulo - Brazil. The "new" DNBB Digital releases (DNBB Records) are now available on all sales and stream platforms. Remember that DNBB Digital has with the old DNBB Recordings.

Above the old logo of DNBB Recordings designed about 2005/2006.