DJ Nine



Nine is born in the East Zone of SP and his interest in being a DJ began in 1989 when he began to listen to Rap and get to know the Hip-Hop movement. At first it was all a joke, because his greatest desire was to make scratch. In 1990 House Music season, his interest increased due to the dances and the DJs of the time that commanded the parties for long hours. From this moment, the watershed in his life occurred and began his experience as a DJ, already playing the good old House, as well as Techno and Rap at garage parties.

In 1992 he met Club Over Night and was enchanted by the house and the underground style that already dominated the tracks. From then on, he did not stop attending the house and began to deepen and get to know the Techno and Hardcore movements until he reached the peak of Jungle in 1994. It was at this time that DJ Andy played a lot of hardcore and other underground styles, the track from Over Night to delirium, a decisive factor for Nine to once and for all enter this world of e-music. Well, Nine had chosen which segment to play, inspired by DJ Andy, chose to be a hardcore / jungle DJ until the natural evolution of the segment for Drum and Bass.

He took a course with DJ Andy in 2000 to perfect his technique and participated in championships like the 3rd Championship of DJ's Broadway / Numark, being semi finalist among 102 DJ's of various styles. In 2002 also participated in the 1st Championship of DJ's Nation being finalist among 66 DJ's.

From there on, invitations to parties and clubs began, among them, the party "THE BASS", a very well-known party at the time and stood out appearing other invitations, including having appearances with DJ Marky and MC SP (UK) on his set.

In 2003 Atibaia / SP, Nine joins DJ David WS, a friend / partner he met in the Nation Club championship. Together they created the SP CONNECTION, FM radio program lasting 1 year and a half, taking heavyweight guests like: Marnel, Stamina MC, Chris Intaface (UK) among others.

In 2006, he received an invitation from DJ Andy, an invitation more than special. Nine would be resident of the SUBGRAVE party at the Club The E-dge party that still continues in special editions and would represent the SUBGRAVE Party Program and would be substitute for DJ Andy in the program Clubtronic in 97fm energy for several weeks leading national drums of the highest quality to listeners.

In 2006 Nine premiered the program Subgrave Radio Show on the Web Radio Megamixx, with the mission to represent Andy, Nine made his vibe introducing national productions, making blocks of 30min, even become the attraction of the program. The Subgrave program went through several radio stations after that, such as Megamixx, Xfever, Brazil Dnb and currently on Radio Love Sound and DNB Now.

In 2007, influenced by producer friends and feedback from national productions, Nine begins production as well, moving in search of a style of his own mixing R & B soul and other influences in his songs.

Launching his tune In & Out by Anarchy in The Funky, "Brazilian Connections by Marcio Mouse, and Jammy by All Street Recordings.

And recently in 2012 the Surrender EP by DNBB Recordings reaching the 17th place in the top 20 of the site Drum Bass Arena (world reference of drum bass).

In January 2013 released another single by DNBB Recs "Finally"

Now a resident of the SUBGRAVE Program, which goes to the AR, every Saturday on the Web Radio Love Sound, always at 8 pm ( and the Mondays on the DNB NOW website at 22:00 ( com) that takes quality Drum and Bass to the world, focusing on its almost 100% national production program revealing great talents like "Critical Dub, DJ Rusty, Acuña, Level 2, Simplification, Duo Science, Artomik, Angel & Spider, Riddle and many others giving space to new talents and makes the fusion of listeners and producers and producers and seal owners, since some songs are closed through the program.

In 2010 he made a big leap, bringing great names such as Bryan Gee, DJ SS, Silver & Sigma, DJ Die, Jenna G, Fernanda Porto, DJ Marky and a lot more.

Main clubs where he has gone, D-EDge, Hot Hot, Cabral, Broadway, Joy, Mono Club, Nation, Susi in Transe, Factory and more.

Nine's style on the track stands out due to its ease of blending all aspects of the drum n'bass from light to heavy, always with news in its case and its performances that are already a trademark.

"I have a long way to go in love with music and the scene."